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With summer comes company. You’ll need your kitchen ready for your family and friends, as well as your dining room, living room, and any guest rooms.
It’s easy to get bogged down in straightening up and vacuuming when you’re preparing for guests. But isn’t there something you’re forgetting?
Sometimes our living spaces need a little extra love to look their best. Paint doesn’t last forever: with time, it begins to chip, crack, and even look faded or discolored in places. The only cure is another fresh layer of paint.

SJ Makes It Easy

Repainting a room yourself can be a nightmare. Choosing a color, taping trim and outlets, moving furniture away from the walls, laying down tarps, and prepping surfaces all takes time. That’s setting aside the actual headache of putting down successive layers of primer and paint.
SJ Contractor Services takes the stress out of repainting your interior. Their professional, knowledgeable painting crews will help you navigate the entire process, from start to finish.
You’ll receive a consultation about which colors and finishes of paint will work well with the shape, lighting, and use of your space, as well as the texture of your walls. These professionals will completely prep your rooms, protecting your furniture and floors. And their meticulous, detail-oriented painting services will leave your space looking it’s absolute best.

Transform Your Home

Sometimes overhauling a living space involves making dramatic changes. But often, it’s much simpler and less expensive to transform a living space with just a fresh coat of paint or two.
It’s no wonder that so many realtors advise that people repaint their homes’ interiors before putting them on the market. Human beings react strongly to color — and nothing makes a strong visual (and emotional) impression quite like freshly painted walls.
So when you’re preparing your space for the company this summer, don’t forget to think about repainting. Putting down a fresh coat of paint shouldn’t be just another chore you need to do before family comes calling. With the skilled, caring professionals at SJ Contractor Services, you’ll overhaul your home’s interior with remarkable ease — all in time for your houseguests.

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