Gutter Brightening

Gutter Brightening


Curb appeal has a sneaky foe: your gutters. These systems might be working overtime to protect your house from rainy weather, but their dirty exterior can take a toll on your property’s first impression.

There’s an alternative. After your gutter cleaning solution, your gutters are ready to take on every forecast from the inside. But with gutter brightening, your gutters will also be spotless on the outside!

The Need for Gutter Brightening

Your gutters are in a vulnerable area. They sit right at the bottom of your roofline, and debris and dirt tend to cascade down your shingles and over the gutter system.

That’s where the problems start — and they make themselves known in the form of black streaks. This is due to a phenomenon called electrostatic bonding. Your gutters are typically made from aluminum, and debris acts like a magnet to the surface. This is why you get a tiger stripe appearance running vertically down your gutter system.

Our Solution for Curb Appeal

We believe that gutters should be beautiful. We also believe they should last longer and maintain exceptional quality. With our solution, you get the best of all three. We:

1.     Clean the interior gutters. This doesn’t just make your gutters functional; it also prevents buildup that can contribute to dirty exterior gutters down the road.

2.     Apply gutter brightener. Our cleaning solution has been specially formulated to strip away buildup and help prevent it from making a comeback. Your gutters look brighter, and the effect lasts longer.

3.     Scrub the surface. We use our tailored brushes to ensure that the solution works its way into your gutter system.

4.     Rinse the surface. Afterward, the only thing left to do is uncover your “just like new” gutters!

With a routine gutter brightening service, your entire property will shine just a little bit brighter. Get the best for your home — and your investment — with the help of SJ Contractor Services, LLC!

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