House Washing

House Washing

“Great curb appeal” is a driving characteristic of every property we serve! SJ Contractor Services, LLC delivers a professional house washing solution that will make your home’s first impression a beautiful one. And better yet, we’ll make that first impression last and last.

Our Soft Washing Solution

We offer our clients a type of exterior cleaning called soft washing. We’re committed to this house washing cleaning approach for a few important reasons:

  • Thanks to the absence of high pressure, it’s safe for your siding
  • It integrates cleaning products that remove and kill mold, algae, and mildew
  • It removes deeply-embedded dirt and debris from your siding to recover curb appeal

Soft washing is an essential cleaning approach for your home exterior. For one, it’s the safest approach – your siding should never be exposed to the force used in pressure washing.

But it’s also the most effective cleaning solution. We never tire of the “wow!” factor that comes along with the final result after we’ve implemented our house washing service, and we don’t think you will, either!

Invest in Your Home – And Curb Appeal, Too

House washing meets multiple interconnected needs for your property. When our professionals deliver our soft washing service, we’re:

  • Using state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees the best cleaning results
  • Bringing out a beautiful first impression in your siding
  • Eliminating mold, mildew, and other spore and bacteria buildup
  • Helping your siding to last longer – and look beautiful each and every day

House Washing Wins

Don’t let dirt and mold win! Reclaim the curb appeal of your property with house washing support from SJ Contractor Services, LLC. We make your home exterior stand out for all the right reasons: because it’s spotless, welcoming, and beautiful.

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