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Unrivaled Roof Cleaning in Woodbridge, VA

Your roof needs occasional attention, just like any other part of your home. Annual maintenance or cleaning of appliances and other features of your home is just best practice. And your roof is no exception. At SJ Contractor Services, we know how to give your roof the TLC it needs. If you have lichen, moss, or algae (black streaks) growing, debris piling up in roof valleys, your gutters are clogged, or you have trees that are encroaching on your roof, it’s time to consider a roof cleaning.

Woodbridge Roof Cleanings Extend the Life of Your Roof

It’s only natural that the seasons create a little wear and tear on your roof, and our roof cleaning service ensures that doesn’t lead to any lasting damage. We use gentle techniques so we aren’t creating any further wear and tear on the roof to remove any algae (black streaks), lichen, or moss. Roof valleys are a natural place where debris piles up, but gutters are another major place this happens. Gutter cleaning and roof cleaning are services we recommend together. In fact, you may find they’re often considered to be the same service since they address the same problem.

The Right Time to Check On Your Roof

A roof cleaning is also the perfect time to determine if you need any roof repairs to keep your roof strong and doing its job. A roof cleaner can inform you of any missing shingles, missing/damaged parts of the gutter, missing or damaged flashing, etc.

What if there is a tree that’s affecting my roof?

Trees are one of the biggest threats to roofs. A branch falling on your roof in a snowstorm or windstorm is a serious threat to your home and maybe even your safety. When you get your roof cleaned, you’re ensuring someone is up there on a regular basis and able to identify if you perhaps need to have a tree pruning service clear out any troublesome branches that overhang your home.

Do I really need to have my roof cleaned?

Like any part of your home, no one is demanding you have regular servicing or cleaning. But, also like anything else, regular maintenance and/or cleaning is the best way to prevent a bigger problem later on. Roof cleaning will help ensure prolong the life of your roof! Plus, making sure your roof is clear of debris adds to curb appeal and prevents any secret hideouts for pests and organic growth.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your roof cleaned, you’re selling your home and want to make sure it looks its best,
or you just want to keep up with the maintenance, give us a call at SJ Contractor Services!

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