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You can spend hours perfecting your lawn and your home’s exterior only to have the sad look of your concrete ruin the effect. Dirty sidewalks and driveways can make any home or business look unkempt, and your ornamental pieces don’t add any beauty when they are stained. But appearance isn’t the only issue. Dirt and grime on your concrete surfaces can erode them, leading to cracks and pits. If you live in the Woodbridge, Virginia, area, you have an easy solution to this problem: Just call SJ Contractor Services for expert concrete cleaning.

Cleaning Problems

Concrete is a tough material that can support thousands of pounds of weight. However, its porous nature means that it can also be stained- sometimes badly. Dirt, lawn debris, and even rust can accumulate on your driveway, sidewalks and garage floor, making your home look neglected when it isn’t. While you can find DIY suggestions online, they are not going to help you remove that huge oil stain that sits right in front of the garage. And if your birdbath looks nasty, you will need the aid of a professional.

Damage Issues

It takes a lot to damage concrete, but it isn’t invincible. In addition to simple wear and tear, abrasive substances can cause pitting as well as staining. That gunk on your sidewalk or front porch can challenge the integrity of the surface, leading to pitting, cracking and other serious damage. Keeping concrete clean helps extend its life as well as making your home more appealing.

Slip Hazards

Oils, grease, and other substances can make your concrete hazardous, causing you or your visitors to slip and fall. Slip and fall injuries can lead to costly medical bills and leave you open to personal injury lawsuits. Unfortunately, poorly maintained concrete can be considered negligence on your part. Having it professionally cleaned will protect you from a host of problems.

SJ Contractor Services

In the Woodbridge, Virginia, area, you can get expert concrete cleaning by contacting SJ Contractor Services. They can safely and expertly clean your driveways, sidewalks, patios, entryways, walls and even decorative concrete, making them visual assets to your property.
The staff at SJ Contractor Services has over 25 years of concrete-cleaning experience. They use the latest equipment to ensure that you are completely satisfied with their work.
If you need concrete cleaning in the Woodbridge area, call 703-789-7395 for more information. You never have to settle for unsightly concrete.

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