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Woodbridge is one of Virginia’s most dynamic communities. Far from the hustle of D.C. but still accessible to what that city has to offer, Woodbridge is an ideal place to raise a family. Because of this focus on neighbors and goodwill, people in Woodbridge are passionate about their homes.

Importance of Exterior Home Maintenance

Keeping that home beautifully maintained is a source of pride for all Virginians. In Woodbridge, homeowners work to keep their homes’ exteriors well-maintained and up-to-date. Regular attention to one’s home is both a practical and an aesthetic necessity. Upgrades preserve the investment in one’s home and increasec resale value. It also makes for a pleasant and secure place to live if you never intend to sell.

Trustworthy Contractors Serving Northern Virginia

Like you, we at SJ Contractor Services are passionate about beautiful homes. The services we provide are not mere errands for homeowners to complete, but rather an example of the commitment our neighbors feel to their community. To that end, we offer skilled and expedient workmanship in the following areas:

Pressure Washing: Often pressure washing is the solution for the ravages of age and weather. Our team members clean concrete, windows, gutters and many more, tailoring our methods to what’s most appropriate for your home.

Shutter Installation: Shutters are an important detail that improves the look of your property. For many folks, it’s a lower priority, but with our expertise and efficient service, there’s no reason not to consider an upgrade, repair or modification to your shutters.

Gutter Cleaning: Removing the dirt and debris that accumulate during the winter months is important for the safety of your home. It also keeps your exteriors looking well-kept. We can help you with even the most complicated jobs, like after a storm or an extended absence.

Our Services

If you don’t see a service you need listed here, contact us. We may be able to get the job done for you.


We’re Here to Help

Our team at SJ Contractor Services loves to take on new projects. With each new client, we start with fresh ideas. Our plans of action are backed by experience and a commitment to quality. Ultimately, we will do what is necessary to meet your needs as a valued client.

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