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Dale City is an expansive, rich community with several distinct neighborhoods. For those who live in this area not far from D.C., life is about family and home. It’s no surprise that residents of Dale City want to keep their houses in good shape. The pride they feel in their homes is matched only by their desire to be good neighbors to one another.

Importance of Exterior Home Maintenance

Personal pride is important, but the family home is also a significant financial investment. For many people living in Dale City, it is their primary asset. Putting the time into interior renovations is essential, as is keeping the outside of the home — from the gutters to the landscaping — looking beautiful. Hiring an exterior home maintenance contractor makes the home a pleasant place to live. It also ensures the home retains resale value for the long-term.

Trustworthy Contractors Serving Northern Virginia

Like you, we at SJ Contractor Services are committed to keeping the homes of Dale City beautiful. We have a dedicated team that understands the quality of fine workmanship. With skilled and customer-focused operations, we offer a range of services that help homeowners stay on top of wear and tear on their homes.

Pressure Washing: Something as simple as a pressure wash can remove dirt and soil from concrete, windows, gutters and other areas that just aren’t sufficiently cleaned through other methods. Knowing that your home has hidden beauty, you can request a pressure wash to make its exterior shine.

Shutter Installation: Our team can repair or upgrade your shutters. These are an important detail that says a lot about the personality of your home. Working with our team, you can decide the style and color that’s the best fit for your property.

Gutter Cleaning: If your gutters have done their job, you likely have lots of debris that’s built up over time. Removing this can be a time consuming and challenging job, but our expert team can get it done right.

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If you don’t see a service you need listed here, contact us. We may be able to get the job done for you.

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Our team at SJ Contractor Services loves to take on new projects. With each new client, we start with fresh ideas. Our plans of action are backed by experience and a commitment to quality. Ultimately, we will do what is necessary to meet your needs as a valued client.

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